It's over...kind of

Well, folks, it's time for me to end this journal. I'm not ending my journal, just this username. I'm doing this for a few reasons, but mostly because there are a number of people out there reading this one when I don't want them to do so. But don't fret, friends! I'll be letting my friends know where to find the new journal. Chances are I've already listed you as a friend, anyway. Well, I'm off!
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Lexx tonight

Tonight's episode of Lexx was very Season 3-ish. Not much actually happened. It revolved around Kai and Prince playing a game of chess in some place called the Other Zone, which is an "unstable partial universe." Anyway, the landscape changed depending on who was winning. That was a pretty cool little touch. So really, the entire episode was the game. After the game was over, there was about 45 seconds of partial wrap up, and then the episode was over. I think this might have been the first episode this season that was completely written and directed by Paul Donovan. It wasn't nearly as wacky as this season's previous 17 episodes. In fact, it was somewhat morose, just like Season 3.

One thing I really liked was how different characters played the pieces. They even used a couple of older characters. The Time Prophet from the movies was Kai's bishops, and His Divine Shadow was Prince's rooks. I'm quite anxious for next week's episode to see where all of this leads.
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So apparently a new thing has begun

Over the past week or so I've had two girls sleep with me. Not sex or anything romantic. They just slept here. It was their idea. They do not know each other. These are two unconnected chicks who for some reason decided they had to sleep next to Sam for a night. They both kind of forced it on me. It's not terrible, just incredibly odd. What makes it easier to deal with is that I am not into either of them. I assume if I had made some moves I would have gotten some action. But as I just said, I do not want either of them. I guess this isn't a big deal, it's just something I find odd.
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I know I've said this before, but

Have I mentioned I fucking hate that bitch in my music video group? Hate her. Despise her. I want to see her melt like the Nazis in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Case in point: We had all talked about meeting over spring break to work on editing our video. She said "No, we don't need to. We can finish it when we all get back." That sounds reasonable, right? So on Tuesday after spring break in class we watched what we had. It was surprisingly more polished then I had remembered leaving it. In fact, it had many parts that I didn't remember seeing anyone work on at all. It looked good, but I wanted to know who did it. So I asked. The girl replied "Oh, over the break I brought my mom in here and we worked on it." Blood nearly shot out of my head. Later she was talking to our TA and she said to him "Yeah, I brought my mommy in here to work on this with me. My sister was really impressed with the computers." She took her mother and her sister into the lab over the break to work on a group project with her. Horrible disbelief. I have more stories about this bitch, but do not feel like expelling the energy at this time.
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Dude, it's my birthday

Behold my radiant power! I am now 27 years old. Revel before me, simpletons! Today I exact swift vengeance upon the Earth.

Things I have done/received for the b-day:
From my parents I got four DVDs: Airplane!, Three Amigos, MASH, and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, along with an Xbox game that I already had on PS2 so I will be exchanging it for another. My mother also gave me a nice check and an ice cream cake. My parents, brother, grandparents and I all went out for a nice dinner at some fancy restaurant on Saturday. My grandparents also gave me a nice check. From Maxine I got some pajama pants. Dana made a cake. She and Neil got me Dead or Alive 3, which I'd been drooling over for quite a while. I hope I'm not forgetting anything.

Today in my classes I will be declaring it my day. Why am I so forward about my birthday this year? Because I usually play it down, don't really tell anyone, and consequently it sucks. I have gone the opposite route this year, and I must say I like it much better.
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I haven't had much to say lately. Since it's spring break I've been pretty much just sitting around playing games. Today (Wednesday) I drew this week's comic. There's no paper over spring break, so I wasn't restricted. Hence one character is naked and the other is an anus.

My birthday is this Tuesday. I'm trying something. I put together an Amazon.com wish list. I put a link to it on my website and the Load LiveJournal. I made the offer that if anyone buys me something from the list, I'll draw and send them an 8x10 of their favorite character. I don't know if anyone'll do it. I don't know if I would, either. But we'll see if it works. I'm going to Jacksonville on Thursday to see my family and to have an eye exam. We're looking into laser surgery again. Last year I couldn't have it, but the technology has improved, so maybe they can do it now.

I recently bought Motorhead: The Best Of. It's a 2 disc album spanning the band's first 25 years. I'd only ever heard one of their songs, Sacrifice, which I liked. For some reason I just got it in me that I wanted to be familiar with their music. Hence, Motorhead rocks. It's very good background music for when you're drawing a naked guy talking to a giant anus.
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Nude cover compilation!

By popular request, and my own need to compile things, I have made a webpage showing off all five nude covers I did for Detours. You can see it hyah.

By the way, did I mention I'm bored out of my mind? All of my friend have left for Spring Break. Augh!
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I could really dig a nice breakfast

You know, muffins and eggs and juices. Maybe some pancakes or omelettes. I love nice breakfasts, but am always in too much of a rush to prepare one. Also, I never think about it ahead of time, so I never buy the supplies needed to put one together. Somebody, come spend the night with me so you can make a nice breakfast in the morning. Doesn't cooking for me sound fun?

Side note: This fellow I used to be friends with continues to blow me off. I would like to beat him to a pulp. Thank you.
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Various updates

I bought my Xbox on Tuesday. Finally. I got it now because Jet Set Radio Future came out this week. It was actually released today (Wednesday). Apparently Software Etc was the first place in town to get it, and I got their last copy. It rocks. Understand the concept of love!

On campus today there was a bunch of police officers and radio folk giving out info on safety over Spring break, which is next week. There were actually people dressed as crash test dummies. One of them handed me something. I assumed it would be a paper saying "Buckle Up!", but instead it was a couple condoms. How out of place is that? So I put them in my bag, right along with the pack of condoms I was handed on Valentine's Day. I'm starting a collection. Waiting in line at Subway I very audibly complained to Dana that the Dummies should had out stuff that actually factors into my life, like pens or toothbrushes. I think a few people standing around laughed. It's fun making strangers hear your jokes.

As for Spring Break, I guess I'm going home for a couple days. I can't stay that long because I have to leave the cats here. Most people I know are going out of town, so there'll be very little for me to do here. I should probably use the time to some progress on my various drawing projects.

Today's comic is all right. It's funny, and I like the joke. I just don't like the art. Something about it is off, even by my standards. I tried changing it around a couple times, but that made it look worse.

At dinner with Neil and Dana the other night, Dana told me I need to branch out when it comes to meeting chicks. I need to find them places other than school and work. I said "Where else is there?" It's not like I go anywhere else.

Have I mentioned I fucking hate that bitch in my music video group? Here's a recent conversation we had on Tuesday, keeping in mind we've never argued before. We were all using a computer to edit our video. She told Jason to do something one way. A few minutes later this happened:

Her: "Jason, don't do that. Do it like this."
Me: "Wait, didn't you tell him to do it this other way?"
Her: "No, I said he should do it like this. That way is wrong."
Me: "But that's the way you said he should do it."
Her: "Sam, why are you arguing with me?"
Me: "I'm just wondering why you said to do it one way and now you're saying another."
Her: "Why are you arguing with me, Sam?"
Me "I just--"
Her: "Sam, just drop it, okay? Would you just drop it?"

"Just drop it?" That whole exchange took maybe 20 seconds! It wasn't even an argument when she told me to stop arguing. I fucking hate that bitch.

Did I mention I've been getting more depressed over the past couple weeks? Don't worry about it. It's just something that happens.
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